"You canĀ“t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

An introduction

An introduction..
A virtual tour is different than shaking hands and looking into each others eyes. On my website you can get acquainted with my methods. You can get an impression of what I do. But after this, you are welcome in my practice in the Van Speijkstraat in The Hague to experience the real deal. I look forward to shaking hands with you and to starting your treatment together.


The treatment is like a dialogue

Starting together... That's right. The treatment is like a dialogue. You’ll get the massage and I pay attention to signals from your body. The key is always how you feel and what you experience. I also like to get your feedback during or after the treatment. In the many years that I practice my profession, I have learned that no man or woman is the same and that every situation is unique. After my training, I came to a fitting conclusion. The focus should never be on a method alone, but on people. You are the corner stone of the treatment. I listen to you and then I start to work intuitively. I follow my gut feelings on what is the best treatment for you at the moment.